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Here at NursingShoesCenter we are dedicated to offering the best discounts on comfortable and quality shoes, such as Nurse Mates and Dansko. Saving you time and money.
Investing in good shoes can yield a high return:
For a busy nurse, or any professional that spends large amounts of time on their feet, a good nursing shoe can be a huge factor in how you feel at the end of your shift. Many nurses have been enduring the aches and pains that result from being on ones feet for the majority of the day for many years. There are even reports of some professionals switching careers due to foot pain! Problems can range from just simple aches and pains to swelling of nerves and even hip problems.
The good news is footwear technology has exploded over the last decade or so and now nurses are able to enjoy the fruits of a good shoe. From cushy footbeds to slip-resistant outer soles, your feet will feel like they are in heaven.
The following are the core aspects of how nursing shoes will outperform other shoes:
However, it is still a matter of finding the right shoe for “you” and there are now plenty of options; clogs, moccasins and sneakers to name just a few. You can find comfortable shoes with a higher heel or the convenience of an open back. With these options the choice can sometimes be challenging. Plus, there is always the price tag to think about as well…
This is where the Nursing Shoe Center does our thing. Our mission is to find top of the line nursing shoes and give informative reviews and comparisons. But, most importantly, we take the leg work out of finding a discount by finding them for you. Through coupon codes and clearance sales we try and find the lowest prices on the web. So WELCOME to the Nursing Shoes Center, your one stop site for all things nursing shoes… Remember to treat your feet, they carry you everywhere!